we prefer to help them in their country



PRIMARY Std 1-2-3-4-5-6



In agreement with the EFSP (Education Fund Support Program) and under their patronage, we have chosen this form of support because it is the only one that guarantees inclusion in the Nursery and Primary School Courses and therefore guarantees primary education for a better future.
                                                                                                                         Considering that
1 - Our supporters will always be welcome to our village and will simply have to worry about the plane ticket to reach us. Everything else we think of. There are no limits, both in the number of journeys and in the stay. It is clear that everything will be programmed with the Center Management but it will be very simple, clear and transparent as it is our use, ever since.
20 euros a month and includes school tuition and uniforms but above all includes teacher salaries and maintenance costs for school facilities (water, toilets, maintenance and cleaning services).
3 -Teachers wage is from € 120 to €150 monthly for a teacher and € 220 for the Director (we have 10 of them and they are paid full salary also during the holiday months), while services people wage is € 800 each.
4 - Karibu renounces its share of management expenses by 20% on each donation so donation comes in Kenya just as we receive it.
5 - The school is open all the days and teachers are always present. It seems obvious but in Kenya it is not. Often, public school teachers are either absent or on strike and this is why the community prefers KIBORA PRIMARY SCHOOL, because children are always followed, from 8am to 4pm 
6 - Our school is in all legal and institutional terms, a "PUBLIC AND FOR FREE" school and is called KIBORA PRIMARY SCHOOL - Children in adoption are only those of NURSERY KG 1.
8 - There is no written obligation but only a moral commitment to follow the child at least for the whole school path until the end of PRIMARY.

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