COST Kes 210,000=€ 1689  £ 1477  $ 2094



to date January 25th   €   800  

05.02.2018                      € 1,340 

05.03.2018                      € 1,440

15.03.2018                      € 1,700


Lisa Z. - Raffaella Z. - Giuseppe/Simona C.- Fabio.P

Matthias B.- Adrian B. - Chiara T. - Alessandra C.M.

Treziosi srl - Salvatore C.- Luigina F.- Rita De C. - Raffaella P. - Danila M. - Fabrizio.V. 

Marco G. - Claudio A.

As widely anticipated through our latest monthly NEWS, the new micro-project course described on the AFRICA 3.0 page starts now.

All these micro projects will be of public utility and managed by the inhabitants of KIBORA.

We start from February 2018 with the "Machine for the MAIS" Project.

It is a machine that alone can work 500 kg of corn in a single day. A machine of undisputed utility for the farmers of Kibora, a machine that will start the first official employment for an inhabitant of Kibora, a machine whose monthly rent income collected by KARIBU will be divided among all those who will contribute to the purchase with them donations, as described in the AFRICA 3.0 program. Whoever does not yet know what it is about, can read up on the appropriate page of this site.

The ideal deadline for fundraising is the next Easter Holiday, exactly on Tuesday 2 April.

The minimum donation is EURO 10 or POUNDS or DOLLARS, the maximum is that what your heart suggests ...............