Think different to make your future different

13 years have passed since a well-known italian copyrighter coined this phrase for the first advertising campaign in favor of the KARIBU CHAKAMA project, conceived and created by Karibu Onlus. A dream that, year after year, has taken shape and substance, even if through many difficulties. But the greater the difficulties, the greater was the passion, the energy, the courage and my big faith.

So we kept the promise made to the Kibora community to build schools, bring water and light. Then immediately implement and complete the other facilities provided for health, work, agriculture and care of elderly and parturient.

Today we are therefore ready for the further fascinating leap forward, the one that will allow us to complete the dream, help the Africans at home, throughout their country so that they finally become aware of their enormous possibilities.

The Chakama Project will be the model of development for all the African countries that want to apply it, with seriousness and commitment,to be able to pass it on over time.

Starting from Kenya where we planted our first seed the roots.

Today Karibu Onlus presents KENYA FORGE OF TALENTS,the model that combines education and work, health and assistance, agriculture and commercial activities in a single large space where everything is offered with care to those who want to change themselves and their own country. No more need to emigrate, who knows where and who knows what future, but to remain where everyone has its origins contributing to its growth.

To carry out this project, Karibu Onlus calls for close collaboration with all those who are able to support it until the end and beyond.

The governments and large companies of the country should be the first to perform this miracle: to ensure the country a great and solid base of education, work, health, agricultural, commercial and industrial development. Everywhere, starting from the poorest and most remote rural areas. Even there live kenyans citizens, often isolated and in need of care and attention.This is our project.





The project Forge of Talents is available for the development of some of the rural and poor areas of Kenya. The development model dedicated above all to the youth of Kenya for the enhancement of the new generations but also for the assistance of adults and the elderly.

School, work, health, sport, social assistance and community integration will be the bases of the modular structure of the project whose prototype is nearing completion in Kibora in the Chakama area.


The FORGE OF TALENTS project involves the construction of 10 modules identical to the prototype model and located in various areas of the country, areas chosen among the poorest and those in need of help. The headquarters will be in Nairobi to control the 10 modules and all the modules will refer to it, in turn independently managed according to the different territorial needs.


The administration and economic management of the project will be entrusted to a unit of the Ministry of the Interior.

The first task of the Ministry will be to create a Consortium (Community of Investors) of at least 10 major companies*, primarily Kenyans, that guarantee the necessary funding for the construction of the 10 modules and that will divide burdens and honors with the government.



1- Create the CONSORTIUM

2- Choose 9 locations where to develop the module (the tenth is the prototype in Chakama).

3- Make available the land on which to build the module (100 acres for each model)

4- Provide the Scholastic Staff

5- Provide Healthcare Personnel



6- It will be the task of the Consortium to study and maintain a strategy to promote the project at national level and to obtain the consent and participation of the citizens through all the media channels.

7-Will have the possibility to insert offices or shops in each of the 10 modules. In add, starting with the completion of the 10 models, it  will allocate an yearly prize of KHS 10,000,000 for the best productive model.


Karibu Onlus

8- Karibu Onlus will be in charge to realize all the 10 models and manage the locations for 2 years.

At the end of the period, the management of each module will pass to the local authorities under the guidance of the Government.

9- The Karibu Onlus guarantees the presence of a great Italian football team for the development of a FOOTBALL ACADEMY in each module.

10- Karibu Onlus will not receive any special remuneration due to its non-profit organization status while its managers and collaborators in charge to realize the modules and manage it period for 2 years will be borne by the Consortium.

Type of members of the Consortium:

• Telephone Company

• Bank ATM Service

• Food and Drink Big Companies Clothes • Watch-Glasses-Shoes

• Hardware / Construction

•Computer technology


• Media (Radio / Tv / NewsPapers)

.................. end so on


100 acres, preferably near a river or water source.



  • Pp 1/2

  • Primary

  • Technical Institute

2-Dispensary / First Aid

3-Community Hall

4-Fishing point (Tilapia **)

5-Never Ending House ***

6-Sport Play-fields ****


8-Vegetable gardens

9-Administration Office




13- Religious Spaces

14- Ministry Office

15- Police Station 

16- Transport Service

*Companies can change after 3 years

** Tilapia is just an example

*** Never Ending Story House

It is a health facility that deals with pregnant women and elderly people alone, sick, poor and terminally ill in memory of the human cycle of life and death.

**** Football-Basketball-Volleyball-Athlet


  1. Magarini-kilifi county

  2. Bamba- Kilifi county

  3. Kaloleni- Kilifi county

  4. Kinango-Kwale county

  5. Voi- Taita taveta

  6. Garseni- Tana river county

  7. Miritini- Mombasa county 

  8. Kabarnet- Baringo county

  9. Lodwar- Turkana

  10. Gilgil- Nakuru

  11. Kibera- Nairobi

  12. Mosoriot- Uasin Gishu county

  13. Kapenguria- Turkana county

  14. Garisa- Garisa county

  15. Lungalunga- Kwale county


It's really magic the potential contained in this project.

This project offers openings in all sectors of a civilized nation that wants to grow as a model of the most advanced nations.

We talk about education, health, work, assistance, sport and above all the hope of a bright future.

The project is simple, orderly, easy to carry out and economical if the commitment is serious in all those who will collaborate in its realization and in its maintenance over time.

It is like a child of us all who needs the utmost care to make him grow healthy and intelligent, strong and successful in life and for himself.

A project to be offered also to other nations of the African continent as a sign of participation, collaboration to indicate the way to make the African continent ever stronger and independent from all the great powers interested only in the exploitation of the infinite resources and riches of this immense continent.

We need to think different  to make the future different.