There is a small corner of the world in the heart of Kenya where we are growing together with a small community.
It is called Chakama and if I say to grow together it is because while we help the community grow economically, they, without even knowing it, help us grow spiritually day by day.
We do not want to change Africa, no one can do it except the Africans. Along with them we just want to make a different meaning to our lives, a development necessary for both.
And, believe me, we leave Chakama getting richer, even though we come with the money, with the Iphone, with the Ipad and the suitcases full of things to give, things that are often old or merely useless.
On our way back, our suitcases are heavier because they are full of great novelty, love, simple but genuine and deep love, and within our eyes and heart we bring the memories of a very long time in which even we, most likely, were like this.

welcome to chakama