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The soul and its voice, the music, are immortal. The sounds of nature, an instrument and the human voice will therefore always be present in our lives.


The soul is love and manifests itself, through music, to speak with all living beings. Its language and its messages are universal and cross our hearts, filling them with joy, hope, courage, sweet nostalgia, energy, wonder, amazement, enchantment, determination, emotion, in short, everything related to the sphere of emotions and feelings. This manages to unite all of us like a magical glue, always and everywhere.


Music has no barriers. No colors, borders, races, ideologies, differences of any kind and to make his message truly universal, it is enough to entrust it to a voice and a melody, both through a single instrument as well as through a large orchestra.

If it reaches the heart of only one person, it can echo throughout the universe.


This project wants to demonstrate, once again, how great is the meaning, the value, the power of man's deepest feeling, Love.

This message is entrusted to those who represent it most of all, among human beings, the children because they are made of the same substance as the soul, they are free and pure.


Love-Soul-Music-Children, the thin red thread of this message.


I hope so and I will work hard to achieve this result, seriously with absolute transparency and professionalism, the same one I have always had as a multinational record company, and then in the project of my Karibu Onlus, this small and almost anonymous association born to be like a small bee, which spends its life to keep alive the great biological cycle that affects the whole planet.


I have lived in Africa for 13 years helping children by providing them with free education to have a better future.

This year I have entered music and music lessons in my 2 schools because I want to continue doing what I have always loved, sought, transmitted to others in my life, how wonderful is the music.


Obviously, I have created a small choir of 20 students and the name is BLACK SWANS.