The Black Swan is a special swan.

He lives secluded, it is difficult to see him and his sudden appearance is synonymous with events that could somehow change the life of the earth or of human beings.

For my choir I created this recording project and our motto takes up a phrase from the lyrics of IMAGINE, one of the many masterpieces of the great John Lennon, to make it a mission.

Africa is everywhere, in the sound atmospheres, in the rhythms and in the choral parts of most of the compositions.

Lyrically, we tell the inner growth of man through Love, our first nourishment, in all expressions of him.



The songs will be unreleased and some will be dialogues between two or more singers.

We will invite 9 very young singers from all continents between the ages of 9 and 14.

They will be chosen after a long search, which has already begun, among the "TALENT" programs from all over the world but restricting the search only to the editions of the last 2 years.

In addition, we will also invite 4 well-known Italian artists, ballets and actors.




The DVD will be ready to be released in the Christmas period of 2021.

Everything will be governed by the usual rules of recording, promotion and distribution thanks to the contribution of multinational record companies and marketing.




All revenues related to this DVD will be regulated according to a LETTER from GENTLEMAN AGREEMENT and royalties will be paid according to the regulations of copyright, editorial and letter G.A. to sign.

The Karibu Onlus, producer, will donate its income to the BLACK SWANS FOUNDATION





A great musical show in a theater in Rome, original and very exciting, in which all the artists, ballets and actors will participate.

The show will be recorded, edited and broadcast by one of the 3 national networks possibly during the Christmas period this year or Easter 2022.



The project includes 2 phases:

  1. DVD





1. It is the first step and contains all the unreleased songs of the musical show, interpreted by young singers aged between 9 and 14 years. The singers will be chosen at the discretion of the Artistic Direction among the participants of any so-called "TALENT" competition from any country in the world broadcast in the 2019-2020-2021 seasons.

2. The artists chosen undertake to interpret one or more songs, even in duet or choral parts, specially prepared according to their vocal characteristics by the authors of the Artistic Direction. Each of them will receive Mp3 files and will then have to communicate the exact key in which to perform the song.

3. The Artistic Direction will realize all the guiding bases of the chosen songs and will send them to all the singers to study the role and practice.

4. The recording of the songs will take place in a recording studio in Rome during the 10 days of rehearsals for the realization of the musical show.

5. The Artistic Director is always available to clarify doubts and to answer all the various questions. You can use all available systems, Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, etc.

6. A GENTLEMENT AGREEMENT will be proposed to each interpreter in which the percentage, times and methods of participation in the recordings and the theatrical performance are established.

7. The contractual conditions relate exclusively to these recordings and participation in the show THE GUARDIAN

8. During the term of the contract, the artists will still be free to perform concerts, records, promotions, TV participations and anything else related to their activity.

9. If one or more artists already have a recording contract with other recording, publishing and management companies, they must give the Artistic Direction all the necessary references for contact and the necessary license agreement.

10. The DVD will be released and sold worldwide.

11. Young artists and their companion will be guests of the production in Rome for all rehearsal days. The cost of the trip is their responsibility.


A musical lasting about 90/120 minutes. The working title is THE GUARDIAN, the story of an angel struggling with the last exam to access the higher level.
The Artistic Direction of the event is by the KARIBU ONLUS in the people of Popi and Maurizio Fabrizio and the Executive Production by the television broadcaster.There is no live orchestra.



An angel, Sugarwel, is on his final exam to move up to the next category. He was invited to reach the planet Earth, a planet that he knows, he only knows that it is inhabited by men but that he has never visited.
He shows up at the appointed time in the place they indicated to him, a small dark pitch in the middle of a beautiful park.
He is sitting on a bench (called  "Knowledge"), near a fountain (called "Love") and waits. And here comes a little girl, she sings a sad loving song. At the sight of Sugarwel she stops singing and she sits next to Sugarwel and, after a short dialogue, they will sing together.
Then the girl has to go home but she asks Sugarwel to come back the next day to sing the same song again together. The girl leaves.
At that point a voice speaks to him, it is the voice of the Supreme Judge.
In the conversation he has with the Supreme Judge, Sugarwel learns that this exam consists of telling how to fight evil and take care of all the children of this planet called Earth.
The correct answer will allow him to enter the higher level.
Left alone Sugarwel resumes singing.
Soon after, the three Supervisor angels arrive, guides him to let him know closely what these suffering children are.
Before starting they drink plenty of water from the fountain and invite Sugarwel to do the same.

Those present at the meeting are:

Foodwel Angel of Hunger
Warwel Angel of Wars
Mercywel Angel of Piety

After their personal presentation it is decided that each of them will accompany Sugarwel in their sphere of competence.
During the visit Sugarwel will only have to observe and possibly converse, but only with the Supervisor who accompanies him, not with the children.
Sugarwel, at the end of the journey, will thus be able to discover what happens to the child / adolescent world in order to be able to give the valid answer to pass the exam.
At this point the Supervisors leave the scene and Sugarwel prepares to leave when he hears the Judge's Voice again. He speaks to him with infinite sweetness and warns him that very few are able to pass this last exam.
Children are the favorite victim of Evil and it is on children that the fight gets tougher
Children are the men of the future and therefore evil needs to "educate" them from an early age so that they are ready at a mature age.
Before leaving, the Supreme Judge reminds Sugarwel to always drink water from a fountain, wherever he finds one.
Left alone and thinking on the quay, he senses someone's presence and, half hidden in the darkness of the scene, Lucifer can be glimpsed. He starts a sung monologue to convince Sugarwel to leave because this is his favorite territory and he doesn't want intrusions. He leaves without even waiting for Sugarwel's reaction
Sugarwel, annoyed but determined to continue the exam mission, sits down on the bench and sings. Eventually, the Hunger Supervisor arrives and begins the journey that will touch the three spheres of relief, Hunger, War and Manipulation.
Throughout the journey Sugarwel realizes more and more, step by step, that it is very difficult to pass this exam.
Moreover, every time he goes to face a different world, Lucifer confronts him trying to make him give up, to abandon this exam and every time he does it in an increasingly bloody way. But Sugarwel, incredibly, has more and more energy to face and overcome any confrontation with Lucifer and his temptations.
Inevitably, however, once the journey is over, Sugarwel is exhausted, saddened, incredulous. He drinks from the fountain and stretches out on the bench next to the fountain.
The Supreme Judge speaks to him and asks him for an answer.
Sugarwel sits up and with his head in his hands replies desolately that it seems impossible to pass this exam because he has seen, cried and suffered in seeing how much agony and how much pain the men, guided by evil, can conceive against children.
Then rising abruptly, he confesses that he is no longer interested in passing the exam anyway.
In a desperate, heartfelt way, with eyes full of a light of immense Love and kneeling, he begs the Supreme Judge so that he can stay forever with the children and face with them, day by day, the evil that causes children all this terrible suffering. .
And so the Supreme Judge replies: You don't have to beg me for something you've already deserved. In fact, what you are asking me is the exact answer to pass the exam. So, your prayer makes you entitled to just what you begged me to have, to stay with the children forever, because children need you and those like you. A lot of Love and Passion to make them grow until they become healthy and upright men. For this reason all children, men of the future, need their personal Guardian Angel, faithful and secure companion, the only one ready to defend their purity, however and against everything and everyone, especially in the eternal challenge against Evil.
Before leaving him, he still reminds him to drink the water from the Fountain every morning, it is the water that he gives to all men.
It is his infinite Love, it flows pure and nourishing so that man can drink it and make anyone drink it. And it is also ok for the Angels.

I will watch over you and your new life. Sugarwel cries for joy.
At this point Lucifer again appears and tries, for the last time, to tempt him in a harsh and obsessive way but, at the height of his violent song, a very strong light comes on with a frightening roar and all the protagonists appear singing in chorus.
Lucifer despairs in an absolutely unpredictable way collapsing to the ground.
When the choir ends, the light vanishes and the little girl enters hopping, she approaches the bench where Sugarwel lies exhausted and while she shakes him to wake him she says:
-Hi you !! Are you sleeping? Let us sing, again? You start this time, okay?
Sugarwel gets up slowly and tenderly hugs the girl then he starts singing, the lights slowly go out while they leave the stage singing.


The main character, eager to pass every level, sure of his strength, of his courage. He is an atypical angel, against the tide, a bit naïve and gruff to behold; above all, convinced of always succeeding in business and does not fear the bloodiest fight in order to continue on his ambitious path. But now he has to face two great forces, Evil and incredibly himself.
Yes, because, even if with difficulty he resists Lucifer, he loses the comparison with himself because he gives in to the deep and unexpected Love for that pure and free but so often defenseless universe that represents children. He has no doubts and the choice of him is total without realizing that precisely the renunciation to continue and the awareness of having found a greater purpose for which to commit oneself were the real goal to reach.

They are high-level Angels who each control all spheres of humanity in fall due to the manipulation with which Lucifer is terribly adept at conquering his victims.
They control and intervene only when situations get complicated to the point that not even the Guardian Angels are able to stem the violent offensive of Lucifer and his ranks of rebel angels.

He is the devil and this is enough but.......

Our Lord Jesus Christ




On the road of Jerusalem


What will the world be like in 2222?

Will we be the same as always, will we be better, will we be people who will wander to other planets in search of space to conquer or a humanity subject to a single central command that manages the life of each of us, without more stimuli, values ​​and principles?

No one can say, many risk predictions, most are catastrophic because the Corona Virus, but these are only hypotheses. The truth is that no one know, so I therefore prefer to think that the center of the universe will continue to be The Man thanks to his bond with God, whatever the God is, it is not important.

The direct contact between the Soul and God will always allow man to develop and grow, even if all things will always happen in the midst of torments, doubts, conflicts, rebellions, selfishness, barbarism. The Man has created millenary civilizations, full of Light, Culture, Knowledge, The Man made of Reason and Sentiment, Intelligence and Courage, has overcome any obstacle. And he will continue to do so only if he never loses his bond with God. Despite the fact that man is born and dies, he will never stop growing and will be living and working so that everything starts again as before, even if it would take millennia, as it was for us. That man will start again with the same desire to live, to grow, to discover, to rejoice, to fight, to love as it always has been, in all living beings, practically everything on which our wonderful planet has always been sustained.

Our history is the way to improve our life and spirituality, from the Bottom to the Top, a perpetual path and I cannot imagine it different, not even in a thousand years.


The year we represent in this work still breathes and lives on everything that has always kept us company in human history, sure material things will change their appearance and will have new functions but what is inside every human being and belongs to man, that eternal connection with the Divine, it will never change, it is always ready to remind us that everything is possible for us thanks to our ability to love and be loved in return.


First half scene



In the background of the stage, the facade of the Jerusalem Railway Station. On the sides 2 military. All around, a square that groups a school and several craft shops.

Everyone will be wearing colorful and quirky clothes.





Singing school





Uncle Sugar and Mr. Bee

Lady Dreams

Mr To Be

Lady Giorgia

Mr Yung

Mr Bakee

Mr. Clok

Second Time Scene



In the background the sunny mid-afternoon sky that will slowly arrive to give way to the stars. All around plants and in the middle a large tent.

The clothes will have the color of the desert and vegetation.



Third Time Scene


In the background the night sky and in the middle, against the light, the silhouette of a dark hut. The dresses will be white tunics.

ophelia pulita BIANCA.jpg



UPDATE TO  APRIL 15th 2021





































She's thinking 










She's thinking


He's thinking




She's thinking 

She's thinking











He's thinking




There was the first meeting with the Director of the Show of RAI UNO

A work program has been set for the realization of the concert / show. I just need to edit the script.


I revised and updated the script and I contacted the best show agency we have in Italy, it's called FRIENDS & PARTNERS.

They will let me know when to meet in Milan.


The script is complete. On May 5th I will meet Maurizio FABRIZIO

I started to contact famous Italian artists to invite them to participate in the project.

I also had the confirmation of the well-known designer LEO to take care of the costumes




1- The songs will be max 3, one to be sung as a soloist and the others in choir.

2- The songs will be recorded in the studio in Rome during the rehearsal week but I will send you the final Playback master at least a month before to learn the song 

3- There will not be a CD but a DVD with the recording of the show. In any case, all the single songs will be on the market on Itunes-Google-Amazon-Spotify, etc

4- The show date will be official in July

5- The artists must be available 7 days before the show, for recordings, rehearsals and then the last day for the show.

So artists just have to learn the songs  and not worry about the recording studio.

Anyway, I'm working on schedules that please stay tuned from now on.