popi fabrizio

 a happy man in the middle of the African savannah

Salvatore Popi Fabrizio's musical career began in September 1969 when he signs his first recording contract with CBS (now SONY). 

The beginning is fantastic, his first song (Disease of love sung by Donatello) wins the first place in the sales charts.

In 1970 he participated in the Sanremo Festival together with his brother Maurizio but did not get the hoped-for success.

He soon realizes that his role is not at the forefront but behind the idiots.

He abandons his artistic career and becomes a talent scout for new pop music artists while his brother continues to compose songs of which several are, still today, among the most beautiful songs of Italian music.

For a few years Popi worked on the productions of Riccardo Fogli and Miguel Bosé, great successes always at the top of the charts and won the Sanremo Festival 1982 and 1983.

In this period he also writes several television themes, the most famous Ape Maja goes for the homonymous series of cartoons for children.

In 1986 he was artistic director of Polygram (now Universal) and made two records by Zucchero Fornaciari (Gold, incense and beer and Respect) and one by Fabio Concato (Giannutri), but above all he brought two young artists to success, Rossana Casale and Biagio Antonacci  .

In 1990 he is A & R of BMG (ex RCA and today Sony-BMG) and begins the great adventure with Giorgia, his most beautiful musical experience.

He also made the first auditions of Alex Britti and Fabrizio Moro, in addition to the debut album of Tiromancino, of PITURA FRESKA and records of Nada, Scialpi, Mariella Nava and Mario Castelnuovo.

In 1995 he founded his own label, PPM, in collaboration with BMG and in the following five years he launched new projects including Leandro Barsotti, Ragazzi Italiani and Lisa, who ranked third at the 1998 Sanremo Festival.

In 2000 he returned to composition and to a renewed and closer collaboration with his brother Maurizio.  Among the music composed in this period is the official Canale 5 music spot.

The journey spent in Madagascar in 2006 completely changed his life, he decided to move to Kenya with his wife, set up a non-profit organization and dedicated himself to his own solidarity project.  Thus was born the KARIBU, an Onlus Association, which, still today, operates in the middle of the savannah to help poor people.

A kindergarten, a primary, a plantation of 70,000 aloe plants for export, running drinkable water, the electricity. Done!!

The new adventure seems to be extraordinary even if very tiring and everything is beautiful, but within a year he suffers a heart attack in 2010 that forces him away from Africa and only a year later his wife suddenly dies.

He returns to Africa in 2012 but, for health reasons, he returns to Italy in December 2013 and resumes composing music but without ever forgetting the African project.  In Italy, he manages to raise the first funds for the construction of a clinic with a hospitalization room and a delivery room, then a Fishing Point and a TECHNICAL INSTITUTE.

Today, the Kibora Farm Center that Popi has created, contains two schools attended free of charge by 486 students and with 11 teachers, a library, a small chapel dedicated to the Blessed Mother Mary, running water, solar panels for electricity, 8  hectares dedicated to fruit and vegetables and managed by 6 workers, an excellent telephone connection.

The future? He always says: complete this African dream and my life by singing.

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